10k Accelerator
Enrollment for the January 2023

This is the LAST TIME TO JOIN The Accelerator!
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Apply by Dec 15th and grab a free spot in our exclusive 2023 Double Your Revenue workshop!

No more chasing clients and money.

When you learn the formula to creating results in your business, you don't have to do more things.
You do the right things, and a lot of them, and get greater results.

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10k is the Magic Number to Freedom!
For women business owners who want a full client calendar, but also whitespace and luxurious free time while making great money, you have come to the right place.

In this 6 month intensive you will master and implement the framework for YOUR Magnetic Offer and the EASE with which it sells.  Let's GO!

"I knew I'd see results from Jess's 10K Accelerator, but it blew my mind at how quickly I saw results and how huge they were."
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Kate Hollis
What is 10K Accelerator?
A proven system to help you step into the woman you were meant to be and grow your business to the tune of a consistent 10K per month!


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"I've made $25,900 in this launch. The most I made ever in a launch. Holy moly! Thank you so much for your help. I am thrilled!"

- Brand Strategist

The 6 Month Mastermind Includes...

Group and accountability calls weekly with
Jessica Miller


An intensive to help you get clear on who your ideal client is, nail down your Hell Yes! offer, and set a pricing structure so you can hit the ground running with a solid foundation to generate sales ! 

Exclusive training on
Sales and Conversions,
Money Blocks,
Time Management, 
copywriting, self-care, diversity and inclusion, and more!

Submit your offers, copy, landing pages, marketing, or anything you'd like us to look at every week so you can get expert eyes on your business assets to ensure they're optimized to convert with ease.


Personal guidance and mentorship so you can build your business with insights tailored to your specific situation and needs.


Active learning exercises to hold you accountable, help you pull through what you've learned, and generate money!


An exclusive Facebook community to get coaching and support specifically tailored to you and your business!


Mindset training and mastery so you know how you need to show up to create the success in your business you deserve.


Exclusive templates, frameworks, and worksheets created as ready-to-use so you can easily and quickly incorporate into your business.


We've designed this Mastermind with the most effective and efficient learning experiences that bring results:
  • 24 Live Mastermind Coaching Sessions
  • Goal Setting & Strategy Planning Immersion
  • Monthly Accountability Sessions
  • Private Access to the 10K Community
  • Business asset reviews of YOUR assets
  • Complimentary VIP virtual retreat for focused time to implement
  • Training like you've never experienced on Sales and Conversions, Money Blocks, Time Management, Marketing, copywriting, self-care, diversity and inclusion, and more!
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We offer something you haven't experienced in any other coaching group!

When you apply, we review YOUR offer and assess it's magnetic potential!

This is personalized for YOU.

We believe so deeply in helping business owners like you create magnetic offers,
that we INSIST on reviewing your offer upfront as part of the application process.

This will allow us to determine if you are the best fit for the program
AND it will allow you to be one step further
on your journey to the business you want to have.

No strings attached. No obligations.

Get ready to kick-start your growth
right from the very start!
This is the last time to enroll in the Accelerator!

Don't miss this opportunity!

Limited spots are available.

Doors close Friday, December 18th @10pmEST.

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Is this really for me? What types of business owners gain the most from the 10K Accelerator?

Hello self-doubt.  We've met before.  Let's chat.

We have experiencing helping:

  • Life Coaches, Business Coaches, Minimalist Coaches, Health Coaches, Parent coaches
  • Coaches who don't like to use the word "coach" ;)
  • Service providers like - Graphic designers, copywriters
  • Financial advisors
  • Concierge travel planners

And any entrepreneur dedicated to playing bigger in their businesses, making more money, and locking arms with other like-minded women who want to do the same.

This is a tribe of badass women who know they are meant to build a business and life they love, and to make money while doing it.

They are committed to making the best investment they could make - an INVESTMENT IN THEMSELVES AND THEIR FUTURE - and are driven to break the mold and to work hard to have it all.

And when you hang out with people like that, you break the mold too.

"I've made over 5k in the past week since working with Jessica Miller!"

- Life Coach

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"I'm still reeling but I'm looking at a $6500 week in my business! That's 3x what I made last month! I've raised my prices and I feel so good about what I'm offering.  It's just blowing my mind!"

- Copywriter

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"Working with Jess has been life-changing for me. From helping me master my mindset about how I show up in my business, to clarifying my offers and pricing, I have been able to generate multiple 5 FIGURES in my business over the past 6 months. I also can't express how much upping my game in my business has also positively impacted my life in so many other areas. If you are ready to get serious about growing your business, and changing your life, hire Jess now! You will thank yourself later!"

- Creative Content and Copy Editor

Stop wasting time and money spinning in overwhelm.

"WIN! I sold 2 coaching packages today totaling $11,250!"
- Angelica G 
Meet Your Coach
Jessica Miller helps ambitious entrepreneurs streamline and grow their businesses by creating irresistible offers that sell themselves. After working with dozens of business owners she has seen that the difference between struggling and thriving with consistent income every month is having a Hell Yes Offer at the center of the business.
Jessica has spoken at The StoryBrand Made Simple Summit, The Maine Women's Conference, and several others, and is a favorite guest expert in private high-level masterminds and has been a guest on much-loved podcasts like Susan Hyatt’s Rich Coach Club, and The Next On Scene podcast. Jess is also the host of the It’s Your Offer Podcast.

But most of all, she wants to help YOU reinvent yourself (and your business) into a brand new version of who YOU want to be, remove all the blocks holding you back from making money on your own terms, and unlock your potential so you can.
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Yes, I'm Ready!

If you have made it this far, you are meant to take your business to the next level!

If you’re looking for a sign, this is it.

You will walk away from this with the tools you need to run a powerful business, a mindset poised for success, more money, a full client roster, action items that you can implement immediately (if you haven’t already), and a feeling of being energized and aligned so that you can go out and create exactly what you want in your business.