Your 10K Formula Workshop with Jessica Miller
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Your 10K Formula Workshop

Give me 90 minutes and we'll find your path to consistent 10K Months

Your 10K Formula Workshop

Give me 90 minutes and we'll find your path to consistent 10K Months

September 6 - 8:  Can you dedicate 30 minutes a day to uncover the one thing holding you back from $10K months?
HINT: Stop messing with social media and websites and FIX YOUR FORMULA!
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Are you at risk of another repeat year with unmet goals? The foundation to finish strong (and double your income in 2023) happens now.
The secret is not a new website or a killer ad strategy or even a funnel.

Before you spend time on any of that, your business needs a compelling offer.

An offer that sells itself before you ever even get on the phone with someone.

A few tweaks (or sometimes major overhaul) to your offer changes everything.
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Can I be honest with you?  If your offer isn't selling enough now, having 10,000 followers will only make you more frustrated, busy and stuck.

Before you do anything else, you must have an offer that's needed, wanted, desired and a "hell yes" in your soul when you wake up every day.

When these offers practically sell themselves, then the social and funnels come easy to handle your MASSIVE GROWTH.

(See how that's backwards from all the rest of the online business noise you read?)

In 3 DAYS with only 90 MINUTES of training, you can learn the framework:

DAY 1: Your "Hell Yeah"

Think about your business in a whole new framework

Use our Magnetic Offers Framework. to adjust your offer and take it from eh to irresistible so that it sells!


DAY 2: The Easy Formula

Your Offer + Sales Math = Goals Met

There is math.  But it's easy and it works.

Learn how to price to achieve your goals and have consistent money in the bank (no more rollercoasters!)


DAY 3: "3 Day Weekend" Plans

Say goodbye to unrealistic Wonder Woman and hello to relaxation from confidence.
Even with the right offer, you still need to know what it takes to sell your offer with ease, and how to navigate the common objections without stressing yourself out.

(Selling happens to be a natural gift for me which is why it's part of my offer, and because it's learnable by everyone!  I can bring you transformation thru my teaching.)

And Let's Gooooo!

Get to it
If you correctly apply each of these 3 simple exercises, you will clearly see the offer that aligns for you *and* will help you reach $10k months.

The trainings are recorded.
There's a workbook.
And a facebook group.
And I'm in your corner to support.

But it's for this week only.
September 6 - 8  Noon EST Live calls
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Last day to join:
Monday September 5, 2022
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HINT:  This simplifies the entire sales and marketing process.  So make time to fix your formula... even if you have to stop posting on social for the week.
*gasp*  It's fine.  We promise!
What others are saying about the 10K Formula Workshop

"I've made over 5k in the past week since working with Jessica Miller!"

- Life Coach

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"I'm still reeling but I'm looking at a $6500 week in my business! That's 3x what I made last month! I've raised my prices and I feel so good about what I'm offering.  It's just blowing my mind!"

- Copywriter

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"Working with Jess has been life-changing for me. From helping me master my mindset about how I show up in my business, to clarifying my offers and pricing, I have been able to generate multiple 5 FIGURES in my business over the past 6 months. I also can't express how much upping my game in my business has also positively impacted my life in so many other areas. If you are ready to get serious about growing your business, and changing your life, hire Jess now! You will thank yourself later!"

- Creative Content and Copy Editor

Is it really my mindset?
Is it really not having enough followers?
Is it me not managing my time well enough?

All of those sound reasonable, but under the surface they are just reasons to beat ourselves up.

Over and over again as I've worked with women entrepreneurs who feel like they aren't cut out for this, we've revealed that their problem has simply been that the offer wasn't quite right.

Not even disastrously wrong, but just not quite positioned and set up in a way to feels easy and natural.

Get your offer right and everything falls into place.  And I'll teach you the framework in this free workshop.

Want to know more?  I'm using this framework right now!  The formula is this:

Identify and craft an offer in the right way -- so that it captures attention, is understood, and it solves problems.

My own offer formula includes teaching you 10k Formula system that's easily repeatable, and guiding you through stumbling blocks almost everyone faces.

It's designed in a way that brings transformation to YOU and doesn't suck the life out of ME.

My offer accelerates your journey to consistent 10K months with freedom, while I live out mine.

(and isn't this a beautiful, fulfilling, sweet way we can run businesses?)

My offer isn't a free workshop.  It's the 10K Accelerator cohorts I run a few times a year.

My method during this week is to give you a meaningful transformation in a 90 minute commitment so you can understand what we do in 10KAccelerator and why this method is the right approach for many people who have not yet hit 10K months.

Even if you aren't sure about the Accelerator, this 90 Minutes of training is for you.  Because I get that it can take time to learn, understand and be ready to press "Go".

This is your no pressure invitation to give it a try.


Jessica Miller is a mom, a wife, and Success Coach and CEO of Jessica Miller Coaching, a life and business coaching company that works with highly-driven female entrepreneurs and business women to empower them to make money and step into who they are meant to be.

After a serious health crisis and the feeling that she was meant for something more, she decided to change her life drastically and walk away from a successful 16 year corporate career to start her own Success Coaching business.

She is passionate about helping others lead their best life, own their time, find vehicles to make significant income, and to grow in ways they never thought they could (she likes to call it "a self-development plan with a paycheck" ;).

But most of all, she wants to help YOU reinvent yourself (and your business) into a brand new version of who YOU want to be, remove all the blocks holding you back from making money on your own terms, and unlock your potential so you can create the success you crave!

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